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Tyler Lockett

Wide Receiver, Design Expert

Design Like A Pro

It’s pretty much a love affair between football pro Tyler Lockett and the Quadrant Homes Design Studio. Before moving into his new Quadrant Home, Tyler spent some very happy hours checking out the latest in-home tech, picking out finishes for his game room, experimenting with faucets, and dreaming of his first meal in his new kitchen. With our design experts by his side, Tyler was able to turn his design dreams into a perfect home that aligned with his lifestyle.

We invite you to follow in Tyler’s footsteps.

Come dream, come explore, come experience that “a-ha” moment waiting to be found behind the doors of the Quadrant Homes Design Studio.

A place to create your best home

Once you walk into the Design Studio, you’ll realize it’s not just about finding what works. It’s about discovering what inspires. Chances are you’ll come across something you never thought existed. Or you may just realize that, yes, a chandelier over the bathtub is a remarkable thing.

The Design Studio is a homebuyer’s haven where the latest design trends co-exist with the classics, and experts are on hand to guide you in the creation of your dream home. Here, you can test drive everything from faucets to fireplaces, experience firsthand how TVs can vanish mid-mirror, see how wonderful a heated marble floor actually feels, or just marvel at how you can dim the lights, lower the blinds, change the music, or set the alarm without lifting a finger.

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  • Tiles, and textures, and finishes – all with a team of experts to help you when you just can’t decide.

  • Tyler loves the full selection of fixtures.

  • A well-stocked Design Studio refrigerator is also always welcome.

  • Tiles, and textures, and finishes – all with a team of experts to help you when you just can’t decide.


  • "From choosing subway-style tile in the bathroom, to picking the specific shade of grout color, I was able to bring all the ideas I’ve kept in my head to life, and that’s something special."

    Sabrina Flores
    Quadrant Homeowner

  • "The 9-foot ceilings, the stylish chef’s kitchen with granite slab countertops, the luxurious five-piece master bath suite – there’s so much to love about these homes."

    Brian Lee
    Quadrant Homeowner

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