Turn Your Flex Space into an Office Nook

With today’s advanced technology, it’s easy to work from almost anywhere. Even if your home doesn’t have a dedicated office, you can create a workspace that encourages creativity and productivity. Say “yes” to fewer interruptions and “hello” to a new, inviting workspace right in your own home.

Fortunately, a home office doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. Whether you want to pay bills, rack up some green from a side gig, or create a full time office space, here are some great tips to get started on a new office nook in your flex space. Your dream office awaits!

Find your place.
Most homes provide plenty of good spaces for a small workplace. Quadrant Homes often offers flex spaces, perfect for a home office. Or look for a recessed nook in the kitchen or a bedroom. Even a dining room can be a great spot for a casual home office. Experts at the Quadrant Design Studio can offer design tips and help you find great options from start to finish.

Embrace ergonomics.
For the hours in your home office, you’ll want to think about ergonomics. Consider what is best for your comfort like an adjustable height desk or L-shape desk for dual monitors. Also make sure you have a comfortable, supportive chair and keyboard rest.

Storage is everything.
Pens, pencils, copy paper and important files – strategic storage is essential, especially in smaller office spaces. One smart designer trick is to repurpose pieces you already own for storage. For example, turn a dresser into a filing cabinet, or add bins and baskets to an empty bookcase or closet shelves. Many DIY shelving systems are designed to maximize storage space, which allows you to integrate function and personal style.

Keep things neat.
Good office feng shui starts with de-cluttering. Try to tidy up daily, and make sure everything has a place. It’s better for productivity and mood.

Let light in.
Ample lighting helps you avoid eye strain and fatigue. Position your desk to take advantage of any overhead ambient or natural light from windows. Then add a desk lamp and accent lighting to ensure you have enough available light sources. Table lamps are a great way to make a desk feel warm.

Make it yours.
Inject some personality into your space, and it will never feel like a cubicle. Add family photos, favorite art, inspirational books and even a cozy throw.

Bring in nature.
Plants are a natural way to bring color and life to your work space. And they’ll improve your air quality too. Incorporate natural wood, like in a beautiful sliding barn door, which adds privacy and allows you to close off your office when not in use.

Looking for a new home where you can create your dream office in the Seattle area? Connect with a Quadrant New Homes Specialist at (425) 272-9658 or email newhomes@quadranthomes.com and see for yourself why Quadrant Home has earned top quality ratings.

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