Turn Your Flex Space into a Yoga Studio

Om, Sweet Om – Turn Your Flex Space into a Yoga Studio

Far more than just deep breathing and headstands, yoga is a great way to jumpstart your day in a positive way or take away your stress in the evening. Plus, with its many variations, yoga is one of the most versatile ways to work out. It can contribute to your heart health, increase flexibility and enhance strength. Not to mention, the meditative, self-reflective aspects that can improve your mental health as well.

Yet, time and cost may get in the way of your asana. With busy schedules or an impending deadline, traveling to a yoga studio may not be convenient. And, the cost of drop-in classes can add up in a hurry.

The answer? Turn your flex space into your yoga sanctuary. You’ll be just steps away from mindfulness and bliss with a designated yoga space in your home. Here’s how:

1. Add essentials, top to bottom.
Starting from the ground up, it’s important to consider flooring that is suitable for your yoga sessions, like hardwood or low-ply carpet. Working your way up, next think about adding a ceiling fan so things don’t get too stuffy and a dimmer switch so you can adjust the lighting to set the mood. At Quadrant Homes’ Design Studio, you can work with our experts to choose from a wide selection of flooring and lighting options to create the ideal setting for you.

2. Consider color.
For a yoga studio, select paint tones and accessories in soothing tones like lavender, aquamarine or cool greens, which promote calmness, serenity and a clear mind.

3. Incorporate as much natural light as possible.
Select special lighting from Quadrant’s Design Studio to create the right ambiance. Use pale sheers or blinds on your windows. And hang a mirror to not only reflect the light, but make the space feel bigger and allow you to check and correct your poses.

4. Store your supplies.
Built-in cabinets and storage are great for tucking away towels and all your yoga accessories. Of course, you’ll need a mat, preferably non-slip and durable so it lasts a long time. You may also consider a meditation cushion so pins and needles don’t interrupt your zen. Lastly, blocks and bolsters are nice to have, but they can easily be replaced with other household items.

5. Technology for Tranquility
There are tons of ways to use technology to improve your at-home yoga practice. For example, if you prefer an instructor-led experience, there are tons of options for streaming classes on your smart device. And with Quadrant’s standard HomeSmart® package, supported by Amazon, you can ask Alexa to dim the lights or turn on music, mid-sun salutation.

6. Create some atmosphere.
If you like, it can be helpful to create some atmosphere with a scented candle or an incense stick. They’re not absolutely necessary to practice yoga, but they can enhance the relaxation and experience you are seeking. You can also just open your windows and listen to the breeze and sounds of nature that is located nearby so many of Quadrant’s premiere neighborhoods.

Looking for a new home where you can embrace yoga and meditation right at home in the Seattle area? Connect with a Quadrant New Home Specialist at (425) 272-9658 or email newhomes@quadranthomes.com and see for yourself what Quadrant has to offer.

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