Turn Your Flex Space into a Home Gym

Looking to avoid the gym at peak hours? Maximize time by completing an energizing workout before your daily commute? Or wind down after a busy day? A home gym is the answer.

Whether you’re wanting your own personal yoga studio or a place to bump up cardio, Quadrant Homes has flexible spaces to help you achieve your fitness goals. Turn your flex space into a great gym you can access anytime.

Here are some tips to get started.

Think about fitness feng shui.

  • A space that is light and airy can help boost your energy level during workouts. Take full advantage of natural light or add in more light sources, such as tap lights or lamps with soft white light, if you need them.
  • Go green. Include plants to help increase oxygen levels and provide better air quality. Good choices are ferns, spider plants and bamboo palms.
  • Remove clutter and distractions from your workout space.
  • Consider adding a mirror to the space, which makes it feel larger and allows you to maintain good form during your workouts.

Add foam or rubber flooring.

Protect your joints and your equipment by adding good quality flooring in your home gym. Consider commercial-grade foam or rubber flooring. This generally is the flooring you see at gyms set in interlocking squares. Bonus: Foam or rubber flooring also can help reduce the noise level in your home gym.

Get equipment suited to your needs.

Think about your home workouts. Into strength training, cardio or yoga? You’ll want to identify your primary workouts and buy the exercise equipment that you need to focus on your favorite core movements.

For example, if cardio is your workout of choice, invest in your preferred equipment, whether a stationary bike, elliptical machine or stair stepper. For weight training, you can add a bar, bench and rack with a barbell and a set of dumbbells for pull-ups, squats and other targeted exercises.

Home gyms don’t require a ton of equipment or bulky machines to be effective. Some of the best home workout equipment is small and cost-effective. Resistance bands, balance discs and jump ropes improve strength, flexibility and fitness without taking up much room.

Get organized.

Once you’ve got the equipment you want, you’ll want to have it neat and organized for premium workouts. Dedicate shelves or bins for wireless speakers, dumbbells, foam rollers and yoga accessories. Wall attachments are great to store resistance bands, jump ropes and other fitness gear.

Gear up for success.

With a new home gym, you’ll have easy access to work out. But a little motivation is always helpful. Make sure you have a system to provide tunes that enhance your gym time. When you’re all set up, invite a buddy to train with you. Or ask your partner to share your fitness time. Focus on your training and the desired results; it’ll be more fun in your home gym.

A home gym – the ultimate in flexibility and convenience.

You could work out soon in the comfort of your own home gym. A brand-new home from Quadrant Homes offers flexibility to create your own personal 24/7 workout oasis. And Quadrant Homes’ flex spaces make creating your ultimate workout space easier than ever.


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