Spruce Up Your Yard For Spring

The inside of your home isn’t the only place that could use a little spring cleaning. Right now is a great time to work outside and make your yard sparkle, too! In the spirit of April being National Lawn and Garden Month, here are a few simple tips for sprucing up your yard for spring.

Tidy up
First, start with an easy task like sweeping and tidying up near your walkways. If you have stepping stones, sweep away any excess gravel from around the stones. Your trees and shrubs may need some tidying as well. Pull out the pruning shears and remove any dead branches. You can also use scissors, which are often easier to use in tight spaces.

Add pops of color
Welcome spring to your deck or backyard by adding some colorful flower containers. Looking for a way to get your children involved? Decorating potted plants is a fun, easy craft. Use acrylic paints to decorate the pots, or use magazine cutouts of flowers for a decoupage look!

Tend to the lawn
Does your lawn need a touch-up? Before you do any mowing, you’ll want to rake up any leaves leftover from fall. This will ensure your lawn isn’t taken over by thatch. Also, be sure your mower’s blades are nice and sharp–they should be sharpened at least once a year. April through May is also a good time to sow lawn seed. Check with your local nursery for more spring lawn care tips.

Don’t forget the furniture
Your outdoor furniture probably needs some freshening up, too. To remove dirt and mildew buildup from plastic lawn and patio furniture, mix two cups of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons liquid dish soap in some hot water. Use a soft brush and work the soapy mixture into furniture, then rinse. You can also use this cleanser on plastic or fabric furniture coverings that may have been protecting your furniture in the winter.

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