State-of-the-Art Amazon Technology Now in Quadrant Homes

Imagine a home that can anticipate and accommodate nearly all of your everyday needs. Start your morning with the shades being drawn and a fresh pot of coffee brewing for you downstairs, all without getting out of bed. Before you leave for work, ask Alexa to check the traffic on your daily commute – she may have a shortcut for you. Did you close the garage door? Double check from your phone with your WiFi garage door app. When it’s time for dinner, Alexa can even recommend easy cooking recipes and play your favorite tunes while you chop and sauté away. Home automation devices are revolutionizing and redefining convenience. Expanding its already impressive signature HomeSmart® package, Quadrant Homes is taking smart, connected homes a step even further.

Quadrant Homes has teamed with Amazon to make homeowners’ lives more convenient and comfortable. In 2017, in-home technology became standard in all Quadrant homes with HomeSmart® package, a state-of-the art home technology package that helps buyers stay in control and completely connected. This year, Quadrant is adding Amazon Alexa-enabled devices to their HomeSmart® package. With just the swipe of a smartphone or a simple Alexa command, Quadrant homebuyers can play music, adjust the temperature, dim the lights and much more. Alexa can even learn “routines” for actions you’d like repeated on certain days, and “scenes” that can help set the mood for date night, bedtime and any other occasion.

Convenience and comfort are huge benefits of this technology, but homeowners can also take advantage of the new features that help reduce costs and save energy. Let’s say you’re away from home and you notice that the weather is warming up more than you expected. It’s easy to adjust your home’s thermostat to a lower setting from your phone, which can save on your energy bills.

With Quadrant’s expanded HomeSmart® package, buyers will receive the latest in-home technology, including:

  • Amazon Echo Show: Echo Show brings exciting new video content to Amazon Echo, the Alexa-enabled speaker controlled by your voice. Now enhanced with visuals, Amazon Echo Show allows you to watch video content, see music lyrics, monitor home security cameras and stay updated with weather forecasts, shopping and to-do lists. All hands-free.
  • Amazon Echo Dot: Its sleek and compact design makes the Echo Dot a convenient addition to any room in the house. Ask Alexa to play music, send and receive messages, listen to audio books or order from your favorite restaurants. Alexa can also control the lights, switches, blinds and other Alexa-compatible devices in your home.
  • Amazon Echo Spot: Echo Spot is a diminutive alarm clock. With a new stylish and compact design, Echo Spot plays music, provides information, news, sports scores, weather and more –instantly. Just ask Alexa for what you want.
  • Ring Pro Doorbell: With this system, you can see, hear and speak to visitors at your door from your smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Nest 3 Thermostat: This smart thermostat learns your preferred temperature patterns in about a week before eventually programming itself.
  • Caseta Lighting Control: This system integrates with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to personalize lighting based on schedules, scenes and location – all with voice control.
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub: This compact, networked-enabled hub allows you to monitor and connect wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices, meaning communication between your phone and home’s wirelessly connected outlets, sensors and smart accessories is seamless.
  • WiFi ready and connected home: All Quadrant homes are pre-wired for a router, plus an access point on each level to ensure strong Internet connectivity throughout the home.

To help Quadrant homeowners maximize their in-home technology, a dedicated expert will provide an on-site activation appointment at no charge, which means buyers can customize tech options to fit their lifestyle. The activation also includes a seamless set-up of Alexa-enabled devices and 90 days of Amazon activation support.

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