Helpful Moving Day Tips

The Quadrant Homes Sales Team helps hundreds of families move into their new homes every year. Moving day can occasionally come with unexpected obstacles and challenges. To help you prepare, here are some new home tips and a few moving day necessities that we hope will make life a little easier.

Con-Tact® Under Sink Mat
This is a great product, especially for new cabinets. It protects the base from kitchen and bathroom supplies and any water leaks, and it’s great for using under kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Non-stick oven liner 
This is the same idea as the sink mat. It protects your new oven from spills, and it’s easier to clean than the oven. There are many brands available at your local grocery store or online.

Door mats 
Before you move in, we encourage you to buy big inexpensive flat mats to put in front of every door on your move-in day. When movers arrive, they often don’t take off their shoes. These mats will help protect your brand-new floors.

Temporary blinds
While you’re waiting for a more permanent solution, consider temporary blinds in some of your rooms. Here’s one example to consider.

Tool box with the basics 
Having all the basics on hand will help with unpacking, building and organizing your new home. Consider setting aside a small tool box with the following: a hammer, Philips and flat head screwdriver, industrial scissors handy for opening hard plastic packages, adjustable wrench, tape measure, level and needle nose pliers. Be sure to have these onsite first thing. Some tools are necessary with appliance deliveries.

Grout sealer 
The best time to seal grout is before it gets wet. It’s a simple process but it needs time to dry, so be sure to do this early. Your local hardware store will have many different options to choose from.

Felt feet 
Felt feet and rubber non-skid pads can be used on sofas and tables that are sitting directly on your new hardwood floors. The felt keeps them from sliding and moving on the slick surface, and inevitably scratching your wood.

Basic moving day necessities 
A few basics that you’ll want to keep close by are paper towels or hand towels, water or paper cups, soap, toilet paper, garbage bags and snacks! If you have small children, we also suggest a babysitter.

If you’re purchasing a new Quadrant home, this is also a good time to review your Homeowners Manual before moving in.

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