Escape to an Island Paradise

For many homeowners, a kitchen is just not complete without an island. The island has become the symbol of a contemporary kitchen—the 21st-century equivalent of the old-fashioned hearth. It’s easy to understand why. With many essential functions and a top gathering spot, an island is perfect for today’s multi-tasking lifestyles.

Here are just a few great uses for your island:

Jumpstart your morning
An inviting island is the ideal place to gather the kiddos for breakfast before the school dash or just relax and enjoy your coffee on the weekend.

Prep peacefully
With plenty of room to chop, mince or peel, meal prep is easier and more convenient. Storage options and built-in garbage bins can put most everything you need at your fingertips.

Enjoy the festivities
It’s true that most people end up congregating in the kitchen. Whether you’re hosting a wine tasting or summer soiree, an island’s extra space can be especially useful when guests arrive. A well-designed island offers a place for people to gather, plus allows separate space for cooking. Enlist the help of a few family members or guests by asking them to help prep, set up an informal buffet or serve from a drink station at the party central island. ‘Tis a great place to make introductions and mingle.

Get a handle on homework
An island is also a great space for the kids to tackle their homework and have easy access to after-school snacks. Bonus: You can work on dinner and help with history at the same time if needed.

Inspire kids in the kitchen
Youngsters can learn to help with meals, plus have fun with some special island activities like these:

  • Play restaurant. Let kids create their own restaurant in the kitchen complete with hand-printed menus and receipts. Help them master their budding chef skills or have them serve their guests pantry goodies like fish-shaped crackers and PB&J sandwiches cut into fun shapes.
  • Build a sand castle. A great pick-me-up for rainy days, build a sand castle on your island or bar instead of the beach. Crush rice, wheat or corn cereal for “sand.” Place on a baking sheet or pan. Line simple sand molds with plastic wrap. Prepare a crispy rice cereal treat recipe and pack sand molds tightly. Unmold and build your citadel in the comfort of your kitchen.
  • Deliver a pizza. No matter how you slice it, pizza always is a winner. With your help, kids can create their own pizza parlor in the kitchen, make a pizza and “deliver” it, too.
  • Bake cookies. Tried and true, this activity is fun year-round and has a sweet ending. Choose your favorite recipe and teach the kids how to bake and decorate.

Make it your own
Almost any kitchen works better with an island. Use it for what works best for you and enjoy bringing your family and friends together.

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