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This is to give notice that The Quadrant Corporation (“Quadrant”) has business relationships with (i) TRI Pointe Connect, LLC (“Connect”), a mortgage broker, and (ii) TRI Pointe Advantage Insurance Services, Inc. (“Advantage”), an insurance agency selling property, casualty, and other types of insurance.  The business relationships referenced are that Quadrant’s ultimate parent entity, TRI Pointe Group, Inc., indirectly owns 100% of Quadrant and Advantage, as well as 65% of Connect.  The remaining 35% of Connect is owned by, LLC (“loanDepot”), to whom Connect loans can be brokered.  Because of these relationships, any referral to these entities may provide Quadrant, its parent company and/or its affiliates with a financial or other benefit.

Set forth below is the estimated charge, or range of charges, for the settlement services listed.  You are NOT required to use the listed provider as a condition for settlement of your loan on, or purchase, sale or refinance of, the subject property.  THERE ARE FREQUENTLY OTHER SETTLEMENT SERVICE PROVIDERS AVAILABLE WITH SIMILAR SERVICES.  YOU ARE FREE TO SHOP AROUND TO DETERMINE THAT YOU ARE RECEIVING THE BEST SERVICES AND THE BEST RATE FOR THESE SERVICES.

Connect – Mortgage Broker—Connect will not make any charges to the purchaser/borrower for its services but will receive compensation from the lenders to whom it brokers (including loanDepot) of approximately 2.75% – 2.85% of the loan.  loanDepot does not charge the purchaser/borrower any direct fees.  You will be charged certain third party fees for an appraisal, credit reports and additional closing costs by the escrow/title company, closing attorney and lender.  Connect and/or the applicable lender will provide you with a Loan Estimate detailing credit costs and loan terms, including closing costs.

Advantage – Homeowners—Annual premium rates for homeowners insurance vary substantially depending on many factors, including the type and amount of coverage; property value; home or community features, building materials used, type, age, location, and size of home; claims history; and other related factors.  For example, assuming a new single-family home in Washington with replacement homeowners insurance coverage in the approximate amount of $575,000, Advantage’s average annual premium rate is approximately $878 but ranges roughly between $649 and $899.  Flood—Annual premium rates for flood insurance also vary considerably depending on many factors, including whether flood insurance is required or being purchased voluntarily, the location and value of the home, the flood risk that is perceived as being posed and other related factors.  Generally, for voluntary flood risk insurance, the average annual premium is approximately $415 and typically ranges between $171 and $675. Flood insurance that is required will often cost more and depending on the situation could cost more than a thousand dollars a year.  Please Note: The ranges of annual premium rates set forth herein are provided as examples only, are not a guarantee or warranty of the availability of any particular premium rate, and are subject to change without notice.  Your annual premium rate may be higher.

Acknowledgement:  By clicking “Accept” below, I/we acknowledge that I/we have read this disclosure form, and understand that any referrals by Quadrant for the above described settlement service(s) may result in Quadrant, its parent company and/or its affiliates receiving a financial or other benefit.

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