5 Indoor Games for Kids

Cold weather means more time spent indoors, but don’t let cabin fever take over your home. Help children stay entertained (and help yourself stay sane!) with these five indoor games. All you need is a few household items, and a little imagination. 

Four Corners
Assign a number to the four corners of a room and place signs at each corner indicating Corner 1, Corner 2, Corner 3 and Corner 4. Move any furniture that may be blocking the pathway between corners, as players will be walking to and from corners. Whoever is “It” stands in the middle of the room with their eyes covered and slowly counts down from 10 to 0. While “It” is counting, the other players very quietly move to and from different corners. When “It” finishes counting, they call out a corner number. Anyone standing in that corner is out. Play until there’s one winner. When one person is left, that person is “It” in the next round.   

Mother May I?
One player is “Mother,” and all the others are “Children.” Standing on opposite sides of a room, the children take turns asking “Mother, may I _____?” filling the blank with a suggested movement. For example, “Mother, may I take four giant steps forward?” Mother replies, “Yes, you may” or “No, you may not, but you may take _____ instead” and adds a suggestion. The first child to get close enough to touch Mother wins the game and becomes Mother in the next round. 

Sardines is similar to Hide ‘n’ Seek, and it’s a great game to play in a large house with lots of secret hiding spots. One player hides, and the rest of the players look for them. When a player finds the person hiding, they hide with them until everyone has found them and is hiding together in one spot. The last player to join the group becomes the next person to hide. 

Indoor Bowling

Set up your very own indoor bowling alley. Use empty water bottles as pins and roll a soft ball down a hallway to get a strike. To add some weight to the bottles, pour a small amount of water into them. (Make sure the caps are tightly secured.) Worried about your walls getting dirty? Use painter’s tape to secure paper along the bottom sides of the hallway walls to simulate bumper rails at a bowling alley. Complete the experience with bowling alley-type snacks, like nachos or hot dogs. 

Treasure Hunt 

Children love treasure hunts, especially when they get to create them. Depending on who will be on the treasure hunt, have one person (or team) set notes with clues throughout the house, with each clue leading to the next one. For example, the first clue might say, “I’m hiding somewhere very cold,” and its corresponding clue might be inside the refrigerator. The “treasure” found at the very end can be a small item or treat. 

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